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Womens Snow Boots

Womens Snow Boots

Women's snow boots are a fantastic accessory for any winter wardrobe and these days women's snow boots come in a variety of fashionable colours, designs and leg lengths to suit individual tastes. The main differences between a proper women's snow boot and a high street fashion boot is that snow boots come with varying degress of thermal insulation to keep you feet warm in cold conditions and a sole unti that is designed not only to be waterproof or water repellent but also to give you good grip in icy conditions.

Many of the most popular women's snow boots are by Italian designers such as OLANG, and come with a rugged, yet feminine construction which is suitable for winter high street wear or for wading through deep snow.

Many women's snow boots are purchased by ladies not just for use on a ski resort but for every day uses such as going to work in the winter, walking the dog or collecting the children from school. Many of the designs available will incorporate a membrane that is waterproof or will be made of a non breathable rubberised material that becomes inpenetrable to the elements.

For the more fashion conscious women, many women's snow boots are made with faux leather and fur trims and every colour imaginable is available in order to match up with your ski clothing or favorite winter jacket. One thing that is common with all women's snow boots is that they come with a very durable non slip rubber sole. In fact the OLANG GENNY TEX WOMENS SNOW BOOT has the remarkable OC SYSTEM which consists of a circular hinged area on the sole of the snow boot that when flicked into position reveals several spikes that allow for fantastic grip when walking through snow or ice.

Women's snow boots are now a real must for the unpredictable british weather and your winter wardrobe. Prices start from as little as £27.99 for the IGLOO WOMENS SNOW BOOT .

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