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Lichfield Tents

Lichfield Tents

Lichfield has a long heritage in the manufacture of tents. Originally all Lichfield Tents were made in the UK. As time passed, the brand was eventually bought by AMG-Group, themselves having a 40 year heritage in tent manufacturing with the Vango Tent brand. Lichfield tents have come a long way since and now have some of the most innovative designs on the market as well as striking looks and colours. And so far as reliability is concerned, Lichfield tents continue to enjoy one of the best reputations in the industry.

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  • Lichfield Sandwood 4+2 Tent

    Lichfield Sandwood 4+2 Tent

    Regular Price: £430.00

    Special Price: £319.99

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  • Lichfield Arisaig 3 Tent

    Lichfield Arisaig 3 Tent

    Regular Price: £110.00

    Special Price: £69.99

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  • Lichfield Event Tent L

    Lichfield Event Tent L

    Regular Price: £130.00

    Special Price: £109.99

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  • Lichfield Dornoch 6XL Tent

    Lichfield Dornoch 6XL Tent

    Regular Price: £330.00

    Special Price: £229.99

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  • Lichfield Carradale 8 Tent

    Lichfield Carradale 8 Tent

    Regular Price: £400.00

    Special Price: £329.99

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  • Lichfield Cathedral 8 Tent

    Lichfield Cathedral 8 Tent

    Regular Price: £525.00

    Special Price: £399.99

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6 Item(s)

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I have received my order and very prompt it was too...I ordered the luggable loo and doodie bags and we all had a bit of a giggle but hopefully it will be there when we get caught short on one of our camping trips if there is not a nice loo or bush to hide our blushes.

Tanya Evans
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