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Welcome to Stans Tent buying guide

Who is the tent for?


For lone adventurers and people who enjoy their own company

The lightweight camper has many things to bear in mind, Are you a backpacker? will you be carrying your tent if so how far? Are you a biker? Packsize and weight is important! Will you be using public transport? (have you bought your ticket) So it needs to fit in a rucksack. Are you planning on using your tent the year round, if so you need to seriously consider weather conditions, wind and rain and be certain that the tent is strong enough. Are you a wild Camper if so, colour is crucial as you need to fit in with the enviornment, and what is your budget as price equals quality and durability.


For a Young Couple or Two Mates

For this group of people you again need to consider your transport arrangements, a small car or motorbike, bus or train will mean you need a relatively small tent, look at our pop up tent range. It may be for a festival so check out our festival tents, if you are on a budget prices start from £36.99. Check out our touring tent range, if your budget can stretch a little higher, maybe consider something you can stand up, handy after a few scoops, no banging the head, if so click on weekend tents prices start from around £100. But again, be realistic with your expectations. If it's for high summer you are really only looking for shelter. But if the weather turns bad, you have to have good waterproofing and space to keep your gear. Also remember if you're in the Uk our Summer isn't always what it should be and sitting in the rain is no fun, getting water in your beer, so you may need space inside your tent to pop your chairs and pretent to be civilised

small family

For A couple with a small child or kids

for this group again consider your transport arrangements. Bear this in mind before buying your tent. If you're in a car and weight doesn't matter then that's ok, but if you've got lots of equipment also, not counting the toys etc, then you may have to take into consideration just how heavy your tent is going to be and just how big the pack size is going to be to fit in the back of the car. Not very practical sticking the kids on a camping kitchen on the way to their jolly bobs. Do you want room to stand up in, do you want bedrooms, do you want a cooking area, is it just for summer use or are you more adventurous, when chosing your tent space is crucial with small kids!! All our tents have the pack size and the weight next to them on the site, if you require any further help please don't hesitate to contact us direct on 0845 1 308982 Walking in and out with wet or muddy feet onto your sleeping bag is not a option!! Again, if the weather turns gangster on you, you will need space inside for you and your little ones to play, without tripping over each other... you may want to check out the touring tent range but you will probably need to look at the weekend tents as they are usually bigger! Prices start from under £100, but begin to increase when you add separate bedrooms and bigger living space and even a steel frame. Be realistic in the size of the tent you choose. If it is just for one or two nights you can get away with something smaller, but bear in mind the kids get bigger and if you're planning longer trips you will quickly run out of space so often spending slightly more to begin with saves you replacing your tent when you realise it's just not big enough. Buy the right one first time and stick with it. If in doubt, ask us. We've been doing this thing for years now and actually know what we are talking about!!

large family

For the larger family, space is IT!

Do you want split bedrooms, (always a good idea if you have teenage children. Apart from their smell they do like their privacy) a cooking area, the bigger your family the more accessories you will usually take, tables, chairs, camp kitchens, wardrobes etc, this all needs space. How adept are you at tent erecting??? If the weather is bad on an exposed site and after a long journey with the kids getting the tent up quickly is priority number 1. So you may want to consider looking at the latest inflatable tents which are very strong in severe weather and are up in minutes! These also look really cool on the campsite and you will be the envy of all your neighbours - even the sheep!!


For large groups attending a festival, a rally, youth club, scouts or guides

So obviously sleeping arrangements are fairly important, will you want bedrooms if so check out our family tent section. You may want to purchase some Vis a Vis style with double bedrooms at each end, or you may want to go for an 8 berth with four lots of two bedrooms and a large living space. Either way we have plenty of choice.  Also checkout our PARTY TENT section for sleeping and dining in.  Finally, have a look at our Gazebo and Utility tent section.  We have an amazing selection of Festival tents that mean you can be comfortable as well as rather merry


For Duke of Edinborough or Technical Campers

For DofE which is usually school groups, youth groups, scouts or guides checkout our lightweight tent section and mountain tents. Within these two sections we cover every price, size, weight on the market. For technical users the lightweight mountain tent section is for you. It is really important to be realistic with your choice. While our prices for these models begin from under £40 the tent you choose must meet the requirements and conditions you are going to test it in. If it is for four season use then the economy models simply won't have the required strength and durability you will need. The more Techy models are made of lighter weight materials that are also incredibly durable. This is one area of camping you cannot do 'ON THE CHEAP' so make your choice with care

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