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Stan Fans & Stanetta Freaks

Amongst the outpouring of adoration from the inevitable groupies that surround Superstar Stan & Sexbomb Stanetta, here is a selection from the more lucid lovers of our cuddly couple:

The more we sell, the more we buy. That way, the more we will reduce the prices for you, our loyal STAN FANS AND STANETTA FREAKS! So help us to help you, by telling us your story. If you are happy with the service you have received tell the world by clicking here. Don't be shy, join in the fun, we promise we won't give you TOO much stick!


I have received my order and very prompt it was too...I ordered the luggable loo and doodie bags and we all had a bit of a giggle but hopefully it will be there when we get caught short on one of our camping trips if there is not a nice loo or bush to hide our blushes.

So thank you for being great, I’ve bookmarked you as one of my favourites, keep up the funnies.....!

Tanya Evans

Tanya please don’t hang em on the bushes like the dog walkers do!


I have just had delivered my sleeping bag that I ordered from Outdoor only yesterday at about 11am. What fantastic service, superfast delivery, WOW, thank you. Will certainly be recommending you to others and will be back for more!

Many thanks

Ann Wiseman

Ann Can I be one of the fools who rush in?



I have just got to congratulate you on the speed of you service. My order was placed on Tue 26th at 15:00hrs and have just received my full order at 10:00hrs on Thur 28th that is some going. that is about 43 hrs from order to delivery. WELL DONE I will definitely be recommending you to the other Scout Leader in Cardiff

Yours impressed customer

Simon Hillard

Simon. You can wiggle my woggle any day.


Thank you for your e-mail. What wonderful service. Thought you should know how happy I am and will order from you again.

Have a lovely day.

Yours sincerely

Kathryn Robinson

Cheers Kathryn, I hope you’re the barley water heiress


Dear Sir/Madam,

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to congratulate your company on the speed and efficiency with which the below order arrived. I only ordered it yesterday at around 6.45am and by lunchtime today it was with me correct and well packaged. Superb service all round!

In these days of people being quick to complain about the slightest thing I thought I would let you know how impressed I am with your company and the courier service you use. If only everyone was as efficient.....

I look forward to purchasing from you again and will strongly recommend you to friends and colleagues.

Thanks again,

R. Luckett

Thanks Mr Luckett I’ll toast you with a bucket!


Dear Stan,

I would like to complain most grumpily about everything, as follows:

Your website is full of jokes & is humorous ~ it's just not on.

The parcels arrived faster than expected, I was not ready for this surprise & am still recovering.

The Vango Amazon 800 tent only has enough room for one years worth of beer & the wife; one must go.

With reference to the above, dealing with you was a traumatic experience & it is therefore my duty to recommend you to everybody.

Don't ever change

Best regards

Dave 'grumpo' Lane :0)


have received my tent today and I would just like to say how impressed I have been with your service, the internet site is very clear, detailed, informative and humorous and the service levels are excellent.

I will be recommending you to my colleagues and friends who are all campers.

Thank you.

Craig Hall

Not a problem Craig say hello to your Albert


Hi Stan

Just a quick belated email - business and family duty have occupied my life for the past 3 weeks. The tent etc. arrived about 3 days after the order was placed - thank you. Yesterday I set up the tent and it looks great. Customer service 5 stars. I've still to test the stove but I'm sure it will be okay.

Have a nice day.

Greetings from

Johnny Sutherland

That’s always been Stan’s motto Johnny boy “get stoved in”!


Hello - just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service from your website.

I ordered my items on Friday 29th and received them first thing on Monday 2nd Oct - very well packaged and very good quality items all round.

I look forward to making future purchases from you.

Thanks again

John Purcell

All the boys say I’m very well packaged!!! Trussed up like a turk...


Awning received today in good condition.

Absolutely brilliant service. I will definitely use Outdoor Megastore again.

Thanks to Michelle for efforts 'over and above'.

Andrew Moorey

Listen Randy Andy, next time try Stanetta - she’ll bend over backwards to accommodate you!



I just wanted to say thanks for the great service on the order above...your web site is good, your range great... and I love the jokes in the item descriptions... and when my table arrived with only 3 of the six legs inside the sealed package... you were understanding, and helpful...

I received the replacement legs by 9am this morning, only 1 day after the original delivery...

I will certainly be recommending your company... so often these days web stores have no phone number, and a cryptic email ticketing system which takes forever, and makes it even harder when something goes wrong...

Many thanks...


Don’t mention it Jamesey I’m just sorry that Stan had borrowed the other 3 legs to do his “Jake the Peg” routine at the “Fox & Pervert” Karaoke night.


Dear Stan the Outdoor Man

I bought a Gelert Pinnacle XL Hi-back chair from you last week and I am writing to say how impressed I was with the whole transaction.

The chair arrived in perfect condition a couple of days after ordering and I was able to use it on our County Cub Camp last weekend.

Thank you very much - you have restored my faith!

Best regards

Alison Evans

DIB DIB DIB Alison!! You can play with my woggle any weekend!


Dear Stan and Stanetta

Just a quick note to say thank you for providing excellent service and fantastic goods all delivered in record time at unbelievable prices.

I don't usually give feedback to companies, but I must admit I am very impressed with you guys. Too often I receive poor service from countless online outlets, but my faith is restored!!!

Anyway, thanks again and I will recommend you to all.

Suzy x

I’ll join the Suzy queue for a great big smacker from you.


I would just like to say your customer service is second to none. We received a tent with damage and your customer service department managed to get us another tent the next day. We certainly won’t hesitate to buy things from you again. Can I especially thank Kath who was responsible for all this. Wonderful Item, Fantastic service, Trusted Company.

Many thanks again.

Happy Holidays

Mrs Elaine Ford

No problem Elaine your Grandad Henry had the service model off to a tee!


Just a quick note to say thank you for your excellent service and particularly the way in which you replaced one of the items which was defective even though you could not have possibly known there would be a problem. (For the record an airbed which no doubt Stan would say "went down" and Stanetta "wouldn't stay up!") The goods were delivered extremely quickly and the tent has been a huge success. We appreciate all your efforts and have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone.

With kindest regards

Marc and Ann

Cut the smut you terrible twosome, Superannuated Stan has an unlimited expense account to inspire HIM to deal the dirt!!



Just had to write to say what a superb service I have just received from you guy's. I was after a footprint ground sheet for the Vango Aspen 700 tent, very short supply everywhere. So I phoned your helpful sales team who informed me that you did not have any in stock, but maybe getting more in stock on Monday. It was the cheapest price I could find so I went on line about an hour later, about 9:00pm, to order one. To my surprise I received an email the next day by about 10:00am telling me that one had been dispatched and would be delivered the next day. We are going away this weekend so we are able to use it on out trip, superb two day turn around. I could not recommend this site enough, and I will come here again for all my camping needs in future. Thanks for the wonderful customer service, which is sadly lacking in so many companies today.

Keep up the great work

Andy, North Wales.

We do our best to be handy Andy!!


Hey up.

Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone at outdoormegastore. I placed my order two evenings ago and the stuff arrived at work this morning! Fab.

Can't wait to try out the new Khyam annexe and windbreak (it'll have to be good to stop my wind).

I shall continue my mission of mentioning you to at least one person on every campsite we stay on!

Cheers again!

Lucy x

Have a ball Lucy and put a ban on the beans!



Just wanted to leave a quick note for anybody looking for outdoor garments.

I purchased yesterday at 2pm online and by 10am this morning my parcel had arrived. I cant believe how quick and efficient this website is.

The jacket I bought is of outstanding quality. The website is brill and really easy to use (IT would have to be for me) and the descriptions of the products are really accurate.

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU and if I need anything else then I know where to come and I shall let all my friends and family know too!!!!!! Thanks


We specialise in fast service or so Stanetta complains!!! Thinking of England



My name is David Edwards, I am about to go on business to Courmayeur, which until Saturday was a town passed fleetingly, en route through the Mount Blanc Tunnel.

NEVER having been skiing or near decent snow in my life, and without divulging my age, (I just remember where I was when Kennedy was shot (The American, not LIb Dem tippler), the prospect was daunting.

I spent the small part of the weekend I had left trawling the Web (As Somerset, surprisingly, is light on Ski Shops).

You were the Second I phoned, Wildday was an answer phone promising to phone me back, they did not and one hour 30 minutes later still have not.

I phoned your order hotline, and spoke to Cath. She was honest about your Monday workload and your delivery times, despite that, and she was obviously busy even changing terminals to do so, she took the time to go through my order, (I would not know a salopette from an Afghan Hound), and promised to do her best to expedite it.

She never promised anything other than your terms, but, the honesty was refreshing and very reassuring. Hope this e-mail gets to the right people, as I really do appreciate the Service I so far have received.

Whilst I am unlikely to be ever whistling past cow bells etc, I have two sons, who are keen to Ski, I am also a Rugby Coach at a Club, and for what it’s worth your name will be my first recommendation.


Dave Edwards

Dave, you can make my bells whistle anytime you want scrum cap boy! Be careful how you slip on your salopettes though, as your experiences with Afghan Hounds might alert the RSPCA!


Dear Stanetta,

This is not an enquiry but some feedback for you. We recently received 10 Coleman airbeds from you and would like you to know they are the best airbeds we have ever used.

They are used by people with disabilities during relaxation sessions and we are confident that these airbeds will be robust enough to stand the test of time (barring the odd puncture perhaps!).

Thank you for your prompt and efficient service - we shall certainly buying some more from you very soon to replace the old, tired out ones we have been using until now.

Hopefully, you would still be able to offer the generous discount you gave us on the previous purchase.

A pleasure doing business with you,

Paul and Sheenah Wallis

Paul and Sheenah I am trying my best to get Stan to attend some relaxation sessions but I can’t get him out of the Boozer or the Bookies.

Thank you for your kind words



I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for the exceptional service I have received from yourselves.

As I am in both the RAF and a Mountain Rescue Team I purchase large quantities of outdoor equipment and have never been so satisfied with both customer support, value for money (exceptional value!), delivery speed and general ease of my order.

You far exceed popular high street names such as Cotswold Outdoors, Millets and Blacks etc. and I will be recommending you to anyone I know.

Thank you and I hope to trade with you in the future.

Mark Simmons

Mark have you got one of those big dogs like Beethoven? I have got an exceptionally large one myself but she won’t carry brandy around her neck.



Just wanted to say a Big Thank You, we received the lamp today as per your promise and are now equipped for the big camp.

Would like to express a HUGE thankyou for your service etc. these days good service is hard to come by, I shall definitely return to you if and when I need more gear and will also be recommending your company. My belief is Give Credit where Credit is due.

Thanks again


P.S. Love your Web Site too, your fun remarks are brilliant. All the best

Cheers Ron! If you are giving credit could I please have a new sofa with one of those blondes on it that you see on the telly and an Aston Martin DB9!!

Driving gloves at the ready


Dear Stanetta,

Thank you so much for the delivery of a new tent, which arrived yesterday. It was very kind of your company to replace my original tent.

I will highly recommend your site to friends - the original delivery was fast and efficient and even though I had several delivery addresses this did not seem to be a problem for you at all.

We especially liked your witty description of how to condition new tents!!

Please convey my regards and thanks to your Company.

Carol McQuire/Kelsang Shraddha

Carol/Kelsang - given your current identity and gender crisis we thank YOU for taking the time to write in.


I recently placed an order on behalf of 3rd Cranleigh Guides, Surrey where I am an assistant leader.

The order was dealt with by Sally whose helpfulness was unsurpassed. Not only did she try and track unlisted items down for me but I was contacted and kept informed. She was very pleasant and friendly to deal with which makes a big difference.

Thank you also for your generous discount on the order and the prompt delivery - I was amazed to receive a phone call yesterday from City Link asking for directions to deliver a parcel. All too often, I am told items will be with me within a given time and they don't appear as promised.

The web pages are wonderful. If there were only more totally apolitically correct people, life would be a lot more amusing.....Keep it going.

Jane Muttram

Assist. Guide Leader, 3rd Cranleigh Guides

Thanks Jane, Stannio was proud to kit out the 3rd Cranleigh Guides! Apolitically correct? Us? Wherever did you get that idea?


An Ode to customer service.

Shirt arrived earlier today, I'm overwhelmed, What can I say, You're service is good, Or so I heard, But I really think it is just superb.

Now I'm a walking advert, for your firm, Top flight service, I'll confirm, Forget the rest, Deal with the best, Finest price, service and goods galore, Look nowhere else but MEGASTORE.

Goods are perfect (which is more than I can say for the alleged poetry).

Many many thanks !!!!!!!!

You definitely need to get out more! Particularly when you're wearing our shirt.


Stan's Way

And now, the tent is here; And so's the chair, my wife's delighted. So Stan, I'll say it clear, You are the man, you should be knighted.

I'd thought I'd shopped around; I'd seen it all, I knew the sure way, But now, I know the score, I'll do it your way.

Yes, there are sites, you know it's true, Where people charge more than you do. And people pay, they have no doubt, They must be mad, let's sort it out. I'll tell them all, who they should call; They should do it, Stan's way!

Mr & Mrs Pete

Our boots are made for walking so take a hike "Blue Eyes

Recent Customer Feedback

I have received my order and very prompt it was too...I ordered the luggable loo and doodie bags and we all had a bit of a giggle but hopefully it will be there when we get caught short on one of our camping trips if there is not a nice loo or bush to hide our blushes.

Tanya Evans
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