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Snow Boots Guide

The popularity of snow boots has grown massively over the last few years. Once the preserve of skiers mooching around the ski villages, snow boots are now recognised as being the 'must have item' when domestic weather conditions turn nasty. Snow boots offer a huge advantage over trying to deal with snowy and icy conditions in conventional footwear or Wellington boots and so we've set out why you should consider snow boots as a staple winter accessory:

The design, construction, quality, technical and fashion features of snow boots have developed beyond all recognition over the last five years. In days gone by people were happy to plough through snow either in their regular shoes – perhaps with zip-on galoshes over the top - or simply wear their Wellington boots. While wellies still have their place, they don't compare well against snow boots; they have no insulation, are uncomfortable to wear over any distance and are heavy and cumbersome to carry. Plus, they're not the easiest to get on and off!

Modern snow boots now feature quality construction (sometimes using Italian lasts) feature deep cleated sole units for extra grip, waterproof foot units and uppers, insulative materials, warm linings often with breathable or wicking qualities. Many snow boots also have pull toggle tops to prevent any snow spilling over the top of them.

In snowy or icy conditions you really do not want to chance the warmth and comfort of your feet with anything other than a proper pair of snow boots. Plus why take the chance of potential injury to you (or your children) slipping in the snow while wearing an inappropriate pair of shoes or boots. Better to buy snow boots that were built for those conditions.

With the popularity of snow boots has come radical changes in design and looks so that they are now a lot more fashionable that they used to be. Men are generally looking for a practical, rugged looking men's snow boot with great performance that will look just as good with jeans as with salopettes. A great example of this type of snowboot is the Olang Canadian Men's Snow boot.

The ladies meanwhile are looking for more of a fashion boot that will look good with an outfit but has the technical qualities to keep their feet dry and warm. A classic example of this type of snowboot is the Trespass Lara Women's Snow boot

It's also important that we also make sure that the kid's snow boots that we buy can perform the job. There's nothing worse than getting a call from school reporting that Little Johnny has slipped on the ice in the playground. Those incidents can be avoided by ensuring the kid's snow boots you buy have a good sole unit and are easy to get on or off so that your child isn't dissuaded from wearing them. A good example is the Snowy Toddlers Snow Boots

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