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Ski Wear Guide

It is vitally important when making preparations for your skiing holiday that you ensure you have the correct ski wear. Having the correct ski wear can make the difference between you have a great skiing holiday or having a miserable or even disastrous experience.

There can be a tendency to cut corners when it comes to purchasing ski wear because people perceive it as an extra expense and think that they can make do with the warm clothing that they already have. You may indeed possess some items that will perform a job but ski wear generally has some unique technical features that will make a huge difference to the enjoyment of your skiing holiday.

The correct ski wear ensemble will contain at the very least a ski jacket and ski pants (or salopettes). These are your outer garments and they will protect you from the wet and cold conditions. These items of ski wear are waterproof garments and they are generally padded or insulated to protect you from the cold. In addition they have ‘snow lockers’ or ‘snow skirts’ – these are elasticated gaiters at the base of a ski jacket or at the bottom of ski pant legs that prevent snow getting inside the garment, melting and then getting you wet in the process. Snow skirts are present in every ski jacket we sell such is the importance of it.

Your other essential outer ski wear garments should include ski gloves (waterproof and insulated with a palm grip); a ski hat (to stem the loss of body heat); ski goggles for snowy days; ski sunglasses for sunny days; ski socks and/or ski tubes. It is difficult not to emphasize the need for good quality ski wear to cover all of these requirements.

Beneath your outer ski wear garments you also need to consider the number of layers of clothing you will need to make your day skiing comfortable and enjoyable. A lot of your decision with what ski wear to wear will be based upon the weather conditions of the day. However, a thermal base layer – top and bottom – is essential. This vital element of your ski wear will ensure that you stay warm and, if you buy a technical thermal set that wicks perspiration away from the body properly, will also keep you dry. It is foolhardy to think that cotton t-shirts can perform the job of proper ski wear thermals – cotton will absorb your perspiration, you will become wet, then cold, then miserable, then hypothermic.

On colder days it is also advisable to put on a second layer or mid-layer. This will usually consist of a lightweight or mid-weight ski fleece that should ideally be wickable to ensure that you stay dry when perspiring. If in doubt about how many layers of ski wear you need, wear more rather than less (you can always peel them off) – because once you’ve stopped skiing and you get on the chair lifts, it can feel very cold.

Other items of ski wear you will also need to think about are liner gloves - to go under your ski gloves in cold conditions; a neck gaiter – to protect your neck, chin, nose and mouth from the cold; a balaclava – to protect your whole head from the cold; a ski helmet – now a standard piece of ski wear if you are entering ski school; sunscreen and lip balm to ensure that you don’t get sun or snow burn.

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