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Ski Goggles Guide

When going skiing one of the most important pieces of equipment you will need is a good pair of ski goggles. It does not matter if you’re a first timer or a professional, a pair of good ski goggles is essential for a number of reasons.

Firstly, you need to protect your eyes from the reflective glare of the snow. This is a highly damaging UV glare that in its worse forms can cause ‘snow blindness’. You can also protect your eyes from the glare with a good pair of sun glasses but in the first instance, to acclimatise your eyes, we recommend ski goggles as your first choice. Secondly, in poor weather conditions i.e. with sleet or snow falling, ski goggles are all important. A good pair of ski goggles will allow you retain good visibility even in near white out conditions. Sun glasses will be of no use in poor weather conditions.

If you wear spectacles, there is good news. There are several types of ski goggle that have been designed with deeper lens chambers to make provision for spectacles. These ski goggles are called OTG (over-the-glasses) goggles. If you do wear glasses remember to take them with you when trying your goggles on to be sure of the fit. A good pair of adult’s OTG Ski Goggles would be the Salice Vengeance

If you are a beginner and want just one pair of ski goggles, we would recommend you select a goggle with a lens suitable for foggy, cloudy and/or and white out conditions (this is when the clouds and snow merge into one as you come down the run and can cause you to loose your bearings). A good basic pair to get you started would be the Manbi Vulcan Ski Goggles

There are a wide variety of ski goggles with a range of different types of lenses and tints. Here’s a brief description of lenses and tints and the conditions that they will be most suited for. You can then decide which is best for you:

UV Protection: All ski goggle lenses these days come with UVA, B and C protection. It may be winter but the Sun’s UV rays are still strong and the reflection off the snow is very strong, especially at higher altitudes were the atmosphere is thinner the UV rays are stronger.

Flat Lenses: The lens surface is flat giving you good peripheral vision.

Spherical Lenses: The lens surface has a vertical curve which tilts away the Sun’s glare giving you better peripheral vision and less distortion.

Single Lenses: These are lighter and cheaper than double lens goggles but can fog up quicker.

Double Lenses: These usually two coated anti-fog lenses sealed together during the construction of the ski goggles to prevent any internal fogging.

Sunny Conditions: In bright, sunny conditions darker or mirrored lenses are better as they block the light or bounce it back. Tints to look out for are:

  • Grey Lenses
  • Dark Brown Lenses
  • Mirror Lenses
  • Blue Lenses

Gloomy Conditions: In poor light, foggy conditions (or even at night) lighter coloured lenses are needed to help you see shapes better and give you more depth perception.Most lenses especially those in ski goggles for beginners and intermediates are these lenses – a good example being the Bollé Mojo Ski Goggles

  • Pink Lenses
  • Red Lenses
  • Yellow Lenses
  • Amber/Gold Lenses
  • Green Lenses
  • Clear Lenses (night time only)

When you have decided which type of ski goggles are for you, here are a few tips before you head off for the slopes;

  • If you’re wearing a ski helmet are your goggles suited and do they fit securely to the helmet.
  • Wear your ski goggles around the house or better still while you are exercising to ensure they are comfortable and don’t dig into your nose or fog-up.
  • Get use to how the adjustment works on the straps.

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